What is SimSocial?

SimSocial is a  development program and social organization for those youth and young adults that want to improve on skills for success.  SimSocial offers intensive workshops that helps youth and young adults improve overall social skills and achieve the necessary tools to be successful in school, career, and community. Our framework of targeted skills of highly successful people includes tactics for socialization, conversation, negotiation, and persuasion. Each workshop uses cutting-edge computer simulation technology. Our learning activities harness the power of computer-generated virtual reality to teach social and networking skills in a safe environment, using digital characters, or avatars. Members practice their techniques with avatars in realistic simulation scenarios and gain important feedback to improve their social savvy. Sessions help each member identify crucial leadership skills in others and self, give and receive feedback on performance, and articulate a personal strategy for leadership skills in everyday life.

Who Can Benefit?

Participants from all age groups, backgrounds, genders, and skill sets can benefit from our workshops and high-level learning practices. Our blended use of expert coaching and virtual reality in action-oriented workshops includes the opportunity to address a variety of life challenges. SimSocial is also a membership in a youth development organization for emerging young leaders.  Each member has multiple practice sessions during a leadership workshop with avatars and simulated scenarios to address targeted micro-skill challenges, working toward an overall achievement in leadership and life skills. Micro-skills are the building blocks that are the foundation in the development of the necessary life skills of successful people. For example, the ability to make eye contact and be an active listener are the bases for strong relationships, and successful people demonstrate these abilities in their interactions with others. Members practice and develop micro-skills that help them emerge as successful people or future young leaders.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Practice targeted skills needed to be a successful in life such as:
    • Communication skills
    • Social skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Leadership skills
  • Resume-builder for school applications and career opportunities
  • Personalized skill development
  • Network with other SimSocial members
  • At-home practice exercises

Membership Fees
The fee includes annual membership in SimSocial, admission to our youth leadership workshop, at home practice exercises, learning from cutting-edge computer simulation through the use of avatars, and follow up from expert coaches about the member’s progress.

Contact Us

For more information on how to become a SimSocial member please contact Mark Jacob at 407-834-1550 or info@simulationbuzz.com.

SimSocial is a trademark of the Simulation Buzz network. Simulation Buzz learning experiences merge over 20 years of socio-communicative training with the cutting edge computer simulation technology. For more information, check out our research.